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 Letter from Cllr. Jones to the Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council concerning the safety & condition of roads /Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.04 Roads letter from chair.docx

Reply to the above letter -
 /Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.09 Highways letter P1.jpeg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.09 Highways letter P2.jpeg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.09 Highways letter P3.jpeg

Notice of Conclusion of Audit of the 2016/17 accounts/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.09 Notice of Conclusion of Audit.jpeg

Council elections
 - The Election notices for Michaelston and Leckwith wards can be viewed below in word document form.

/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.03 election Notice - Leckwith Ward.pdf
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.03 Election Notice - Michaelston-Le-Pit Ward.pdf
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.03 Notice of Election for county councillors.docx

Council elections presentation
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.02 TCCs Elections May 2017 - Returning Officer presentation for CLC - V2.pptx

Revised Council Code of Conduct
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.11 Revised Code of Conduct for MLP and Leckwith CC.docx

2015-16 Annual Return, pages 1-8
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Annual Return P1.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Annual Return P2.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Annual Return P3.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Annual Return P4.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Annual Return P5.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Annual Return P6.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Annual Return P7.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Annual Return P8.jpg

2015-16 - Notice of conclusion of audit - 
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Notice of conclusion of audit.jpg

2015-16 - Auditor General for Wales - Audit certificate & report - /Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.08 Audit Certificate and Report.jpg

Register of declared interests
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/15.12 Declarations of interest log.docx

2015-16 Council Accounts in Excel format/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.04 Accounts 2015-2016.xls

2015-16 Council Accounts in pdf format - 
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.05 15-16 Accounts Summary.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.05 15-16 Income.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.05 15-16 Expenditure.jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.05 15-16 Bank Reconciliation..jpg
/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/16.05 15-16 Explanation of Variances.jpg

Langcross Farm noise issue  dated 10th November 2015

2014/15 Annual Accounts P1 P2  P3  P4  P5
2014/15 Annual Return P1  P2  P3  P4 P5 P6

Michaelston-le-Pit & Lechwith CC Standing Orders  Click here

2013 Annual Audit Report  Click here

LDP input to VoG Council  Click here

Charter with VoG Council  Click here

Council Code of Conduct Council Code of Conduct

Financial regulations Click here

2013/14 Annual Return 
P1  P2  P3  P4  P5  P6

Woodland Trust Management Plan for Cwmgeorge and Casehill Woods
Click here

December 2014 - The council's position on obtaining ownership of the well Click here

April 2014 - One Voice Response to the White Paper on Reforming Local Government    /Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/15.05 One Voice Wales FINAL RESPONSE White Paper Reforming Local Government 22 April 2015.doc

Log of declared members' interests/Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/Declarations of interest log.docx