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News and Events

Please contact the Clerk if you have any news or events you would like displayed here.


The Clerk to the Council is retiring and interested parties are invited to apply for the position. The post is for 5 hours per week and applications, by letter and short CV, must be posted to the Clerk at 4 Augusta Road, Penarth, CF64 5RH by 5 pm on Friday 22 February. If you require further details please email the Clerk.

Michaelston le Pit Community Party 

On Saturday 16 December a community walk was held followed by a social get together enabling families in the community an opportunity  for families to celebrate prior to Christmas. A good time was had by all. Photos have been added to the gallery.


Safety & condition of roads in Michaelston-le-Pit and Leckwith. -  under the Council Information/Council Documents tab you will find a letter from Cllr. Jones, chair of the council, to the Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and also a copy of his reply.

August 2017 - Cadoxton River Flood Alleviation - Potential Scheme - Mr Euan Hampton of NRW attended the Council meeting on 29th August to inform the Council of the current position on a potential scheme to provide flood relief from the Cadoxton river particularly in the Dinas Powys area. The issue was also attended by Mrs Jane Forshaw, a MLP resident.

Mr Hampton made it clear that the scheme was in the early stages of evaluation and no decisions or funding has yet been made. He plans to arrange an engagement event for the whole of the Cadoxton river catchment residents in October or November where he will update further on progress and take questions.

A range of options is being evaluated, one of which involves a barrier/sluice on the Woodland Trust land to hold flood water upstream of Dinas Powys. Hence the Council had asked Mr Hampton to update them due to possible concerns of flooding upstream in MLP.

Modelling is being done and Mr Hampton made it clear that the Woodland Trust area barrier was just one of many options being considered. He acknowledged the need to seek local knowledge and advice on current flooding issues and future risks and committed to work closely with the Council as progress is made.

August 2017 - Wenvoe Quarry Update - 
The Chair and several councillors had met with Cemex management at the quarry to understand Cemex’s plans for the future. Cllr. Jones prepared a report of the meeting which is included below:

MLP and L CC visit to Cemex at the Wenvoe Quarry on the 31st July 2017. The following members of the MLP and L CC visited the Cemex site - Bill Gaskell, Carole Robertson, Andy Robertson and Dewi Jones.

We were hosted by David Goodman and two of his assistants and were shown up to date aerial photographs of the site and a viewing from a vantage point. The essential information that emerged from the meeting was;

i) Cemex was preparing a planning submission to introduce a stone crushing operation close to the site’s entrance. The intention is to import raw material from various off-site locations, process the material for the production of aggregate and export the material to various clients. The stone crushing operation would occupy an area previously used by Tarmac. The Council will have the opportunity to examine this and comment when the application has been completed.

ii) The existing quarry still had mineral deposits for a further approximately ten years of workings. The Company’s aim was to eventually return the site to a natural habitat. Some of this “re-wilding” had begun naturally e.g. the site was currently hosting Peregrine Falcons (one of which was visible during our visit).

iii) Cemex’s longer term objective is to extend the quarry once the current site’s workings was exhausted. This would, in due course, require a further planning application. Should such an application transpire, several years hence, Cemex would consult local communities and provide an exhibition of what was proposed, as part of its submission to the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

August 2017 - Notice of conclusion of audit.
The 2017 Annual Return and external audit has been completed and Auditor General for Wales has issued the Council with an unqualified audit report. A copy of the notice of conclusion of the audit and notice of electors' right to examine the accounts is appended  in the Council Information/Council Documents page.

August 2107 - Unlocking the digital potential in rural areas - a survey - Rural England CIC and Scotland's Rural College are jointly undertaking a commissioned research project on Unlocking the Digital Potential of the UK's Rural Areas. A key element is this online survey aimed at business owners and managers. It explores how rural-based businesses use digital connectivity and technology, how important it is to their business model, what benefits it has brought them and what constraints slow their digital uptake. If you would like to partake in the survey please go to https://ruralengland.org/unlocking-the-digital-potential-of-rural-areas-research/

July 2017 - road blocking
 - Can we ask that anyone arranging a delivery or anything else that might block a road please ensure that villagers are informed in advance so that they can make arrangements to avoid the problem. Thank you.

June 2017 - Google Groups - It has been suggested that a Google Groups group would be useful to facilitate communication between residents in our Council area. The Council has decided that this is not something that it should do itself due to potential problems in the event of any contentious issues. If however any resident would like to set this up and control it, the Council would be happy to give them its support.

June 2017 - Wenvoe Quarry update. The clerk has received a reply to his letter to the Planning Dept. In summary it confirmed that there had been no request to extend its current approval beyond 2020, but stated that pre-application discussions on new applications were confidential and hence could not comment. However Wenvoe Community Council had met with the owners, Cemex, and it is clear that Cemex are working on a new application to install a crushing plant at the location of an existing operation. Wenvoe CC were not concerned with this plan but we will also request a meeting with Cemex to understand more fully their intentions.

MLP Conservation area - for your information - under the Council Information/Other Documents tab you will find links to the Appraisal and Management Plan for the MLP conservation area, and Welsh Government guidance for trees in a conservation area.

Wenvoe Quarry - In view of the rumours of a new planning application at the quarry the council resolved at its 25th April meeting to send a letter to the Planning Dept. requesting clarification. A copy is appended.  /Michaelston-CC/UserFiles/Files/17.04 Wenvoe Quarry letter.docx

March 2017 - Renovation of the well - The Council is pleased to announce that it has completed the renovation of the old well in the centre of Michaelston-le-Pit.  The well was in a poor state but is now hopefully a very positive feature of the village. The Council respectfully requests that residents avoid driving over the well surround to avoid damaging this once again.
Two photographs of the renovated well are included in the Gallery

December 2016 - Revised Code of Conduct - This is to inform you that a revised code of conduct for the Council was adopted on November 1st 2016, and can be viewed on the Council Information/Council Documents page of this website. If you wish to view a hard copy please contact the Clerk on clerk@michaelstoncc.co.uk or 02920705554.August 2016 - Annual Return & External Audit - The external audit of the Council's 2015/16 accounts has now been completed with an "unqualified" opinion. The Auditor's certificate & report plus the eight pages of the Annual Return can be viewed under the Council Information/Council Documents tab. The "Notice of conclusion of Audit" is also included.

April 2016 - Map of Rights of Way - A map of the Rights of Way in the Vale of Glamorgan resides with the Clerk. This can be viewed on request - or preferably by superior views on the Vale of Glamorgan's website at http://www.valeofglamorgan.gov.uk/en/living/environment/countryside/public_rights_of_way/gis_mapping_feature.aspx

January 2016 - Langcross Farm Noise Issue - All Residents are encouraged to report all incidents of unacceptable noise levels to the NRW incident line whenever they occur. 0800807060. We need to ensure that NRW have the statistics to support their efforts in working with the owner on noise abatement actions.

PCSO officer contact - Our PCSO is Sid Taak and his telephone number to report issues is 07584 003795

May 2015 - The Council's name has been changed to Michaelston-le-Pit and Leckwith Community Council (CyngorCymunedol Llanfihangel-y-Pwll a Lecwydd) to better reflect its area of responsibility. The website and all other documents will be changed to reflect this over the coming month.

May 2015 - The Council now owns the well in Michaelston-le-Pit. The Council has now had the approval of the Land Registry to gain ownership of the well. Only a small registry fee and some legal fees were involved. The Council will publish its plans to improve and maintain the appearance of the well once these are finalised and before proceeding with any actions.

March 2015 - Vale Trails - Creative Rural Communities have recently developed a series of ten ‘Vale Trails’ - walking leaflets promoting 10 attractive routes which showcase some of the many beautiful villages, countryside and coastline the rural Vale has to offer those who like to explore on foot. Some copies will be made available in the Michaelston le Pit "library" or you can access them on the following website http://www.visitthevale.com/December 12, 2014 - The council's position on obtaining ownership of the well in Michaelston-le-Pit village is available on the Council Information page under Documents. 

October 5th, 2014 - Woodland Trust's management plan for Cwm George and Casehill Woods can now be viewed on the Council Information page of this website in the Documents tab.

Useful Information 
 Community Engagement Report, August 2012  Click here

Have you found a dead badger?

As part of the Bovine TB Eradication Programme badgers found dead throughout Wales are being collected for post mortem examination. The survey, which begins today, will run for at least the whole of 2015.

The results of the survey will be used to investigate the relationship between bovine TB infection in badgers and cattle. It will help us develop policy at both local and national levels. It will also add to epidemiological reporting and be used in enhanced TB breakdown management.

The Badger Found Dead Survey in the Intensive Action Area (IAA) in north Pembrokeshire is continuing as normal. This survey applies to the rest of Wales.

What to do if you find a dead badger?

If you come across a dead badger please note the location and call the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) on 0300 303 8268. The line is open normal office hours, Monday to Friday. APHA will, where practicable, endeavour to collect all carcasses reported.

It is important that you do not handle dead badgers or interfere with a carcass in any way.

For more information on the bovine TB eradication Programme visit: www.wales.gov.uk/bovinetb

June 2015 - One Voice Wales Response to the White Paper on Reforming Local Government - One Voice Wales is the representative body for town and community councils (TCCs) in Wales and has consolidated the TCCs' input to this white paper. The document is available under Council Information - Documents